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Integrate Excel with Drools on OpenShift with Knative and Quarkus!

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In this blog post I want to share the results of a technical exploration in bridging, bringing together and integrating a diverse set of technologies and platforms, ranging from classic spreadsheet applications (Excel) to serverless platforms (Knative on OpenShift) to technical rules executed by our rule engine Drools! Introduction This content has been inspired byRead more →

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CloudEvents labeling and classification with Drools

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This blog post is a quick update on a demo in labeling CNCF’s CloudEvents. Introduction Categorizing events is a general, common use-case; in the context of this post, we will delve into labeling CNCF’s CloudEvents for Intelligent Response Management (IRM) which can find application in several ways. One way is to categorize and prioritize differentRead more →

First Virtual Technical Exploration for IBM Business Automation Manager Open Edition on February 8 (EMEA time-zone)

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Karina Varela and myself would like to invite you to this free technical exploration (with hands-on labs) on IBM Business Automation Manager Open Edition (BAM) which is the new name for the former Red Hat PAM/DM products that have recently moved to the IBM Business Automation portfolio. After this session, you will have a good understanding of what thisRead more →

Smarter Decision Tables Generation through Data Types Constraints

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The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is an effective, yet standardized, tool for designing complex decisions, in special decision tables. Even though you, DMN developer, already knew about the existence of this capability, here’s something you didn’t know: there is a new DMN Decision Table column data type constraint enhancement in the DMN Editor. Let’s checkRead more →

Exceptional rules, with Drools and Kogito

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Managing exceptional rules is easy, thanks to Drools and Kogito! In this use-case, we have a base business process and a default knowledge base with rules, which can be overridden by specific entities or departments as needed. We actually have several architectural options we could implement! The simplest architectural option I can think about, drawsRead more →

Drools Reactive Messaging processing

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The latest Drools 8.31.0.Final comes with a Reactive Messaging example, which demonstrates reactively consuming messages from a Kafka topic, firing rules and then sending result messages to another Kafka topic. You can find it in This blog post explains how it works. How To Run the Example Clone drools repository Go to the exampleRead more →