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How to Capture Business Decisions using DMN: Introduction to Some Basic Patterns and Their Value

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I am very glad for the opportunity to have presented at IIBA this session on DMN patterns with Denis Gagné CEO & CTO of Trisotech! how business analysts can use the DMN open-standard to capture the requirements for operational business decisions some of the recurring basic patterns in modeling (Q&A, Scoring, Classification and Categorisation, Ranking..)Read more →

Event Driven Decisioning with AMQ Streams and Kogito

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Kogito is a cloud-native business automation framework for building intelligent business applications. The project is based on battle-tested runtime components, and it allows the development of both business processes and rules as cloud-native applications for orchestrating distributed microservices and container-native applications. Kogito takes advantage of the many benefits of the container-native platforms as it wasRead more →

Bend-points and the DMN Editor

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We’ve been working in DMN Editor to improve its user experience. We know that our users sometimes have models with many edges that overlap nodes, other edges and are hard to arrange. Even with features like the multiple DRDs that help users on organizing the content, there are still some cases where users cannot orRead more →