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DMN editor – Contributors Guide – Part 1

If you’re reading this, probably you’ve already thought about contributing to an open-source project. However, projects generally have some learning curve, which may intimidate valuable contributors. We do not want that feeling for the DMN editor! So, this is the first of a series of posts that will quickly empower you to contribute to theRead more →

New DMN Boxed Expressions Editor

While working with the DMN editor, you may have noticed that a big amount of modeling logic lives on the expressions, boxed in a few kinds of DMN nodes.  The Boxed Expressions are crucial for modeling decision logic. On that side, there is an ongoing effort from the engineering team to improve the user experienceRead more →

Rule Impact Analysis

After you develop rules and put the system into production, you will need tomaintain the rules to keep up with business requirements. Basicallytests should ensure the correctness and integrity of the updatedrules, but while you work on updating the rules, you might want toknow the "impact" of your changes. Rule impact analysis feature helps you.Read more →