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Event-driven decisions with Kogito

In 2021 it’s almost undeniable that modern application development needs to target the cloud, given the requirements of flexibility, scalability and availability imposed by today’s world. Event-driven architectures have proven to be well suited models for this purpose. As a result, we’re adopting these principles in several components of Kogito, which aims to be theRead more →

Learn DMN in 15 minutes (v2)

In the last few days, I’ve been working on a major update for the Learn DMN in 15 minutes course, and it’s finally finished – the v2 is already online! Some parts of the content are refreshed according to the newest versions of the DMN tooling. Also, the interactive tutorials are not getting users stuckRead more →

How to use PMML models in DMN Editor (VSCode)

Introduction Since the 0.7.0 release, the Kogito DMN editor supports loading PMML models as part of a DMN model. A PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) model is an XML file that describes a predictive model generated by Data Mining or AI algorithms. You can learn more about on PMML on Data Mining Group – PMML page. ExamplesRead more →

Kogito 1.0: Build-Time Optimized Business Automation in the Cloud

For the last few months, here at KIE team we’ve been hard at work. Today I am proud to announce that our cloud-native business automation platform is hitting a major milestone. Today we release Kogito 1.0! Kogito includes best-of-class support for the battle-tested engines of the KIE platform: the Drools rule language and decision platform, the jBPM workflow and process automation engine, the OptaPlanner constraint satisfaction solver; and it bringsRead more →