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Drools Executable Model (Rules in pure Java)

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The Executable Model is a re-design of the Drools lowest level model handled by the engine. In the current series (up to 6.x) the executable model has grown organically over the last 8 years, and was never really intended to be targeted by end users. Those wishing to programmatically write rules were advised to doRead more →

(Conditional) Named consequences in Drools 5.5

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Until now Drools rules have been always expressed in the form: rule "name"when LHS (conditional element)then RHS (consequence)end Sometimes this could be somewhat limiting and leads to verbose and difficult to be maintained repetitions like in the following example: rule "Give 10% discount to customers older than 60"when $customer : Customer( age > 60 )thenRead more →

Small efforts, big improvements

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Some days ago, following some suggestions of Mark Proctor, I spent just a few hours trying to reduce both the memory footprint and the time requested to create an instance of the WorkingMemory, one of the most used core class of Drools. What I basically did was to lazy initialize all the non-strictly necessary dataRead more →