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Introducing Drools Fiddle

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Drools Fiddle is the fiddle for Drools. Like many other fiddle tools, Drools Fiddle allows both technical and business users to play around with Drools and aims at making Drools accessible to everyone.  The entry point to Drools Fiddle is the DRL editor (top left panel), which allows to define and implement both fact models andRead more →

Drools & jBPM get Dockerized

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Docker is becoming a reference to build, ship and run container-based applications. It provides an standard, easy and automated way to deploy your applications. Since latest 6.2.0.Final community release you can use Docker to deploy and run your Drools & jBPM applications in an easy and friendly way. Do not worry about operation system, environment and/orRead more →

Running drools-wb with GWT’s SuperDevMode

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Like most, I like surprises! Some surprises aren’t always welcome though; and one such surprise bit me yesterday. As a good citizen I upgraded my installation of Google Chrome when advised a new version was available. With hind-sight I don’t know why I so gleefully went along with the upgrade (after all, I’d recently removedRead more →