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The Road Towards a Public API (part 2)

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In my last post I described the principles guiding the design of the new programmatic API. As I promised last time, in this blog post I would like to give an overview of new API capabilities that this new design would enable. One downside of having an API that is tightly-coupled with the implementation ofRead more →

Kogito 1.0: Build-Time Optimized Business Automation in the Cloud

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For the last few months, here at KIE team we’ve been hard at work. Today I am proud to announce that our cloud-native business automation platform is hitting a major milestone. Today we release Kogito 1.0! Kogito includes best-of-class support for the battle-tested engines of the KIE platform: the Drools rule language and decision platform, the jBPM workflow and process automation engine, the OptaPlanner constraint satisfaction solver; and it bringsRead more →

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