Kogito 0.9.1 released

We are glad to announce the Kogito 0.9.1 release is now available!  This goes hand in hand with the Kogito Tooling 0.3.1 release. From a feature point of view there are only minor changes compared to 0.9.0, but on top of bug fixing we have also spent quite some time on following areas: Kogito documentationRead more →

Etymology of Kogito

After writing up an introduction to our Kogito effort, it seems people are interested in hearing a little but more about the name, where it comes from, what the logo means, and (what seems to be the most important question) how to pronounce Kogito?  Yes, there even was a JIRA issue [KOGITO-284] opened to addressRead more →

DevNation and Red Hat Summit (April 13-17, San Francisco)

This year, Red Hat is organizing DevNation for the first time (April 13-17, San Francisco), a new open source, polyglot conference for application developers and maintainers.  It combines for example the old JUDCon and CamelOne conferences, but offers top notch keynotes, sessions, labs, hackfests, and panels geared for those who build (with) open source.  ItRead more →

Drools & jBPM Walk in center @ Red Hat Summit (free and open for everyone)

There’s a FREE opportunity if you are in the Boston area next week on Thursday.  A lot of us will be there for JUDCon and Red Hat Summit and we want to give you the opportunity to come and ask questions. We have a dedicated room for community members to come and chat. The roomRead more →

IntelliFest conference with Drools & jBPM bootcamp

In 4 weeks, the IntelliFest 2012 conference will take place in San Diego (starting Monday October 22nd).  IntelliFest is the successor of RulesFest and as always brings a mix of presentations, both for managers and developers, and bootcamps to get the practical experience.   As part of that, there will also be a FREE Drools &Read more →

jBPM workshop June 19th New York

Here’s the official invitation for the NY Drools & jBPM workshop on June 19th.  This is a workshop, including both presentations and hands on exercices.  More news on the one in Washington DC later that week will follow shortly. JBoss BRMS Workshop You are invited to attend the JBoss Drools and jBPM workshop in NewRead more →

JAX 2012, April 16-20th, Germany

I’ll be giving a presentation on the JAX conference this year in Germany. I’ll be giving an overview of not just business processes, but also business rules and complex event processing, and how they all come together in the JBoss BRMS / BPMS product. So if you’re already planning to go to that conference, makeRead more →

Argentina June Workshop – Friday confirmed

Another update on the Argentina June Workshop ! Seems like the volcano issues are dying out. Mark just called me and he and Michael are finally able to board a plane to Buenos Aires (again). The others should be able to follow shortly. As a result of all this delay, the Thursday workshop day willRead more →

Drools & jBPM Workshops (May 2011) – New York and Washington DC

After JBoss World we have two Drools and jBPM5 workshops in May for New York and Washington. These are free events open to all in the public: The events will be a mixture of talks with lots of time for questions and discussions. Speakers: Mark Proctor – Drools co-creator and Project Lead Kris Verlaenen –Read more →

Red Hat & Accenture: BRMS & BPMS Event (London, March 29th)

Business Rules and Business Process Management the Open Source Way Join Red Hat and Accenture on Tuesday 29th March at Accenture Old Bailey to understand how Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) and Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) can help businesses leverage technology more effectively and increase productivity. See how Enterprise Open Source is leading theRead more →