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Kafka Monitoring Dashboards with Business Central

Kafka is one of the major platforms for async communication in cloud computing and jBPM has a nice integration with it, making it part of a business process. In real-world projects, monitoring the Kafka queues used by jBPM can help you to identify process bottlenecks. Previously we talked about Prometheus data sets in Business Central viaRead more →

Kogito Tooling 0.9.1 Released!

We have just launched a fresh new Kogito Tooling release! 🎉 On the 0.9.1 release, we made a lot of improvements and bug fixes. We are also happy to announce the MVP of our DMN Runner and many enhancements on Custom Task support on BPMN. This post will give a quick overview of this releaseRead more →

Building Dashboards using Plain Java

DashBuilder is a great tool to author dashboards that can consume and display data from many sources, i.e. Prometheus, JDBC, Kie Server, and others. These dashboards can be later exported to a ZIP file and then be executed on DashBuilder Runtime. Recently, we added a new alternative to create those dashboards: a pure Java API.Read more →

Scorecard Editor

We are delighted to announce that preliminary work on a PMML (4.4) Scorecard Editor has completed. A VSCode extension has been published to the Marketplace and can be added to your VSCode installation. The release is considered alpha and primarily aimed at providing a channel to gather feedback. The journey to provide a capable editorRead more →