Last 2 weeks

DMN Types from Java Classes

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Drawing a real case DMN asset may become a time-consuming activity. In some domains, the possible types involved in DMN logic can explode into dozens or even hundreds of possible involved objects. Although a well-designed UI can support users to define your domain object type in a simpler and faster way possible, other alternative strategiesRead more →

Testing Kogito Serverless Workflow with YAKS

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YAKS is an Open Source testing framework that brings Behavior Driven Development (BDD) concepts to Kubernetes.

It supports many technologies leveraged by Serverless Workflow such as Cloud events, RESTful services, OpenAPI, Kafka and Knative eventing. So YAKS as a test framework is lined up to be a perfect fit for verifying Serverless workflows with automated end-to-end integration testing

Last month

DMN Runner inputs persistence

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The DMN Runner has been a fundamental part of the KIE Sandbox, and it is still evolving. In the last release, we have the pleasure to introduce a new feature that will make a huge improvement on the runner UX. The persistence of your DMN Runner inputs! Now, the KIE Sandbox saves all your inputsRead more →

Last 6 months

Create dashboards using YML with Dashbuilder

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Creating a dashboard using pure YML from data from any JSON document is now possible using Dashbuilder! You are not even required to install anything, just access Dashbuilder Online Editor and start your dashboard! How it was possible Dashbuilder was moved to Kogito Tooling and the client was decoupled from the backend. With this changeRead more →

JSON DataSets in Dashbuilder

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Datasets providers run on the same process as Dashbuilder, which means that if you only use a specific provider, all the others are idle, as part of Dashbuilder. In addition to that, we need to maintain all providers.  In the most recent release a new dataset provider type was added: External Data Sets. With ExternalRead more →

KIE Sandbox: top 7 key new features

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In the last months of 2021, the “.NEW environment” (, received a massive update, and now it’s named KIE Sandbox! Dealing with complex models and collaborating with others has just become much easier.In this blog post, let’s go for a walkthrough of the top new features of KIE Sandbox. A fresh “.new” Home PageRead more →