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New visualizer for the Serverless Workflow Editor

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We’re happy to announce that a new diagram visualizer for the Serverless Workflow domain has been released, as part of the kogito tooling 0.23.0, and It becomes as default for the Serverless Workflow Editor. If you are not familiar with the kogito tooling and its extensions, please refer to the Getting familiar with Serverless WorkflowRead more →

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An improved ‘Spreadsheet like’ experience on DMN Editor

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The boxed expression editor is a key component of the DMN Editor. In previous articles, we introduced the new implementation of this component.In this article, I’ll show how I extended the component, implementing the keyboard navigation for faster DMN editing. Requirements VSCode (1.46.0+); DMN Editor plugin (0.20.0+); Here, there is a ready-to-use online version ofRead more →

Profiling to improve DMN file’s loading time

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One of my passions is to run profiling tools to find places in the code where performance improvements can be made. Sometimes, we are strongly convinced to know where bottlenecks are, and then, after running a profiler, find out that something completely different is making everything slow. This is one of those cases. In thisRead more →

Creating tabs using DashBuilder

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DashBuilder is a full-featured web application that allows non-technical users and programmers to create business dashboards. Dashboard data can be extracted from heterogeneous sources of information such as Prometheus, JDBC databases, or regular text files. The resulting dashboard can be deployed in a cloud environment using DashBuilder Runtime. In this post, we will walk youRead more →

DMN Types from Java Classes

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Drawing a real case DMN asset may become a time-consuming activity. In some domains, the possible types involved in DMN logic can explode into dozens or even hundreds of possible involved objects. Although a well-designed UI can support users to define your domain object type in a simpler and faster way possible, other alternative strategiesRead more →