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Bend-points and the DMN Editor

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We’ve been working in DMN Editor to improve its user experience. We know that our users sometimes have models with many edges that overlap nodes, other edges and are hard to arrange. Even with features like the multiple DRDs that help users on organizing the content, there are still some cases where users cannot orRead more →

Add SQL datasource for authoring dashboards

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Dashboards are quintessential ways of gaining precise and accurate at-a-glance insights into complex data indicating key performance indicators(KPIs), metrics, and other key data points related to business or specific processes. DashBuilder is a one such standalone tool that is also integrated into Business Central and is used by the Datasets editor and Content Manager pageRead more →

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Kogito Tooling 0.11.0 Released!

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We have just launched a fresh new Kogito Tooling release! 🎉 On the 0.11.0 release, we made a lot of improvements and bug fixes. We are also happy to announce that this release marks the first release of our DMN Runner on! This post will give a quick overview of this release. I hopeRead more →

Custom logic in BPMN

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There are several ways to add additional custom logic to the Business Process. This article provides a review of different possibilities and their pros and cons. Embedded Code The easiest way, but not the most comfortable, is to use Script Task and its Script field. When you work with a Script Task, all you needRead more →

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DMN editor – Contributors Guide – Part 1

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If you’re reading this, probably you’ve already thought about contributing to an open-source project. However, projects generally have some learning curve, which may intimidate valuable contributors. We do not want that feeling for the DMN editor! So, this is the first of a series of posts that will quickly empower you to contribute to theRead more →

Add Prometheus datasets for authoring dashboards

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In the last post, we walked you through the process of adding CSV datasets for authoring dashboards in DashBuilder. If this is your first time here, DashBuilder is a standalone tool that is also integrated into Business Central to be used by the Datasets editor and Content Manager page for creating dashboards and reporting. Don’tRead more →