Scorecard Editor

We are delighted to announce that preliminary work on a PMML (4.4) Scorecard Editor has completed. A VSCode extension has been published to the Marketplace and can be added to your VSCode installation. The release is considered alpha and primarily aimed at providing a channel to gather feedback. The journey to provide a capable editorRead more →

Kogito Tooling 0.8.5 Released!

We have just launched a fresh new Kogito Tooling release! On the 0.8.5 release, we made many improvements and bug fixes. We are also happy to announce a new PMML Scorecard Editor and, also, that our editors are now available on Eclipse Theia Upstream (built from theia master). This post will give a quick overviewRead more →

Time series component for Dashbuilder

As you probably already know, you can use Dashbuilder, a part of Business Central to create pages and intuitive dashboards. In Dashbuilder, Pages are composed of small components that can show any type of data. Dashbuilder provides by default multiple components that users can drag to pages. Recently, we have added a bunch of newRead more →

Kogito Notifications API

Kogito is not just the implementation of the next generation business automation technologies, but the tools that will support the development, testing, management, etc. Replacing Business Central is not an easy task. 10+ years of development make this a challenging endeavor, but not impossible. So this time I bring you the new Notifications API. ThisRead more →

Learn DMN in 15 minutes (v2)

In the last few days, I’ve been working on a major update for the Learn DMN in 15 minutes course, and it’s finally finished – the v2 is already online! Some parts of the content are refreshed according to the newest versions of the DMN tooling. Also, the interactive tutorials are not getting users stuckRead more →