IDE update site and Drools 4.0.0 maven Repository

We have just updated maven repository and drools IDE update site to include drools 4.0.0 GA libraries. You can check both at the following addresses: (Eclipse 3.2 only)Last but not less important, remember that the new drools page at is as same as the new downloads page

Eclipse VE has become dormant

Seems Eclipse Visual Editor (VE) has hit hard times, see David Orme’s blog, this is a very sad place for Eclipse to be with no FOSS alternative to Netbeans Matisee; I don’t think the importance of a high quality FOSS GUI builder for SWT and JFACE should be underestimated. There is still the excellent commercialRead more →

MSM-Combis Rule Editor

The JBoss Rules community eco-system continues to grow with a new project over at sourceforge, MSM-Combis Rule Editor – I’ve downloaded and had a play with the editor and found it very novel, it’s a very different approach that I hadn’t seen before for graphically authoring rules; it uses inputs and outputs to representRead more →

Rules with no code – Michael Neale

Often you hear/read/see adds for tools (rules or workflow) that claim breathlessly “look ma ! no code” – “rules with out code” – giving control back to the business etc. (if you haven’t, then you obviously have a good marketing detector, and are able to mentally filter out marketing messages). Some products live up toRead more →