Last Year

Smart Scroll for BPMN/DMN Editors

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Introducing Smart Scroll Creating and managing BPMN/DMN resources can be a daunting task. Projects can come in many shapes and sizes and with varying levels of complexity. Consequently, being able to locate and identify nodes is of utmost importance. Focusing on easing the load of such demands, we introduce Smart Scroll for BPMN/DMN editors. AvailableRead more →

Business Central SSH Key-Based Authentication

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Do you know it is possible to authenticate to Business Central Storage (niogit) using SSH Key-Based Authentication? If you don’t, let’s learn how we can do it in this post. Business Central storage internally is git-based and we also expose cool additional features to more advanced use cases. One of these hidden gems of BusinessRead more →

Manage Processes and Tasks using Kogito consoles

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This is an introduction to web-based Kogito consoles that allow you to manage processes and tasks. It covers two different consoles available on Kogito: Management console and Task console. Setup At present, to run the Management console and Task console applications, you need supporting services like data-index, job services, Kafka and infinispan running. To makeRead more →