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Camel Routes support in Serverless Workflow Editors

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The Serverless Workflow Editor now offers autocomplete features for functions and events via Catalog Explorer. In my previous blog posts, we saw how KIE Serverless Workflow VSCode extension and Web Tools support OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications.The same feature now works with Camel Routes as well. While editing Serverless Workflow files, you can register Camel RoutesRead more →

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Serverless Logic Web Tools support to OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications

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While editing Serverless Workflow files, you can register OpenAPI endpoints and AsyncAPI channels and pass them as functions. These functions will be available on the Serverless Workflow Editor’s Service Catalog Explorer. This article explains how one can link OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications and have their functions available through autocomplete. This feature is available both onRead more →

Serverless Workflow Validations

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Writing a Serverless Workflow that matches with the specification’s rules and schema can require some documentation reading, which demands a few hours. To facilitate that, we have implemented a validation mechanism on our Serverless Workflow Editor, that checks your JSON and YAML files against Serverless Workflow specifications schema and also provides some custom validations inRead more →

Manage Processes and Tasks using Kogito consoles

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This is an introduction to web-based Kogito consoles that allow you to manage processes and tasks. It covers two different consoles available on Kogito: Management console and Task console. Setup At present, to run the Management console and Task console applications, you need supporting services like data-index, job services, Kafka and infinispan running. To makeRead more →