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Extending UberFire with AngularJS for the BPMS Domain

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You can now see Alex’s talk, originally created by Kris, showing how to extend UberFire (UF) with AngularJS for the BPMS Domain, using Red Hat BPMS (productized version of jBPM). Everything is built live and in real time. We are making great progress with our UF documentation, including tutorials. UF forms the core ofRead more β†’

Domain Extensions for Data Modeller

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Walter is working on adding domain extensions to the Data Modeller. This will allow different domains to augment the model – such as custom annotations for JPA or OptaPlanner. Each domain is pluggable via a “facet” extension system. Currently, as a temporary solution, each domain extension is added as an item in the toolbar, butRead more β†’

UF Dashbuilder – Activity monitoring in jBPM

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syndicated from Last week, the jBPM team announced the 6.2.0.Final release (announcement here). In this release (like in previous ones) you can author processes, rules, data models, forms and all the assets of a BPM project. You can also create or clone existing projects from remote GIT repositories and group such repositories into different organizational units.Read more β†’