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New update! SWF dev UI diagram

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We are pleased to announce that the serverless workflow dev UI now supports colored nodes based on the path the workflow has taken for execution. How to view the diagram? To view the diagram, the easiest method is to use the awesome set of examples that we have here. In my video below, I will beRead more →


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In Serverless Workflow each instance is associated with a data model. These models consist of JSON objects. The data inside these models needs to be accessed and updated throughout the flow execution. jq is a powerful filtering tool that makes working with JSON data seamless. The Serverless Workflow specification supports the use of jq expressionsRead more →

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New Feature: Dashbuilder editor with IntelliSense capabilities

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We are pleased to announce that the dashbuilder editor now ships with auto-complete capabilities! This enhances the user experience by providing suggestions and helps to reduce the errors made while authoring the dashbuilder specification.  Let’s go through the new features in the below section: Auto-complete suggestions: While typing out a particular word or pressing ctrl+space,Read more →