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DMN boxed expression editor improvements

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We are happy to announce another set of improvements to our boxed expression editor. As we unveiled recently in the article, we try to improve the boxed expression editor continuously. Described features from this article will be available with kie-tools 0.31.0 release. So let’s have a look at them in more detail. Autocompletion Autocompletion appearsRead more →

New DMN boxed expression editor

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We’re excited to announce the completion of the new generation of the Boxed Expression editor! We previously announced the beginning of this process some time ago, if you are a regular blog visitor you should remember that. During that time, we made the new component available on the Alpha version, giving the user the choiceRead more →

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Smarter Decision Tables Generation through Data Types Constraints

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The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is an effective, yet standardized, tool for designing complex decisions, in special decision tables. Even though you, DMN developer, already knew about the existence of this capability, here’s something you didn’t know: there is a new DMN Decision Table column data type constraint enhancement in the DMN Editor. Let’s checkRead more →