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DashBuilder: Getting Started Guide

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DashBuilder is a full-featured web application that allows non-technical users and programmers to create business dashboards. Dashboard data can be extracted from heterogeneous sources of information such as Prometheus, JDBC databases, or regular text files. The resulting dashboard can be deployed in a cloud environment using DashBuilder Runtime. In this guide, we will show you howRead more →

Kafka Monitoring Dashboards with Business Central

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Kafka is one of the major platforms for async communication in cloud computing and jBPM has a nice integration with it, making it part of a business process. In real-world projects, monitoring the Kafka queues used by jBPM can help you to identify process bottlenecks. Previously we talked about Prometheus data sets in Business Central viaRead more →

Building Dashboards using Plain Java

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DashBuilder is a great tool to author dashboards that can consume and display data from many sources, i.e. Prometheus, JDBC, Kie Server, and others. These dashboards can be later exported to a ZIP file and then be executed on DashBuilder Runtime. Recently, we added a new alternative to create those dashboards: a pure Java API.Read more →

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Dashbuilder External Components Javascript API

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External Components were introduced in Developing Custom Components for Dashbuilder post. At that point, if your component wants to consume Dashbuilder data, it has to manually handle the messages coming from Dashbuilder (DB) to build our component. As the library components grew, we wanted to avoid repeating code like model class definition and the windowRead more →

Heatmap Component for Business Central and jBPM

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For a long time, Business Central has Dashboards capabilities to build reports from process execution data. Recently with the addition of external components, it is also possible to create any visual representation for the dataset coming from Business Central. In this post, we will discuss a new category of visual components added in jBPM 7.48.0 Final:Read more →

Queries for Building Kie Server Dashboards

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Business Central is a great tool to create Dashboards as presented in KieLive#8 Authoring Dashboards in Business Central. In that video, datasets were mentioned, but there was no example of Kie Server datasets. In this post, we describe how to create Kie Server datasets and share some useful queries to create datasets for business dashboards.Read more →

Dashbuilder Runtime Demos

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Recently, we shared all the improvements that were made to Dashbuilder in a series of blog posts: Introducing Dashbuilder Runtime Gradual Export Dashboards from Business Central Multi Dashboards support in Dashbuilder Runtime Dashbuilder Runtime Embedded Mode Developing Custom Components for Dashbuilder My colleague Manaswini Das also shared some custom components created by her on this blog post: New improvementsRead more →

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Gradual Export Dashboards from Business Central

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Business Central (BC) is a complete application where you can control the full cycle of Business Automation: since authoring until monitoring. Inside BC, monitoring is done by a tool called Dashbuilder (DB) and it allows you to create dashboards and run it inside Business Central or in Dashbuilder Runtimes. Since BC 7.25 release, it isRead more →